STRYDOS™ is a digital platform, supported with professional instruction, and a physical product, the PowerSkater™. Through the combination of equipment and technology, entertaining and educational instructionals, the STRYDOS™ platform, works to strengthen your mind, body, and spirit to make you the best version of a hockey player you can be.


WHAT IS THE PowerSkater™ by STRYDOS™?

The PowerSkater™ by STRYDOS™ is a revolutionary off-ice skating system that teaches proper skating bio-mechanics and strengthens the critical muscles used in skating. The PowerSkater™ by STRYDOS™ was designed to mimic the bio-mechanical movement of skating and condition the lower body muscle groups: quads, hamstrings, glutes, and the primary joints of the knee, ankles, and hips. The PowerSkater™ uses specially designed resistance bands to recreate the body weight push. Movement is out and back behind the body, not side to side. Each push is loaded out and back, thus each push and return has a loaded concentric and eccentric movement. With nothing to hold on to, the user must learn to maintain a balanced posture while forcing their trunk to develop a true “power-stabilization center”.